Saturday, May 25, 2013

Welcome to Woman, Man, Dog, Van - the musings of apprentice grey nomads.

Welcome to Woman, Man, Dog, Van and yes, we're apprentice grey nomads.  

We recently became the proud owners of an off-road van to tow behind our Jeep.  We're still a couple of years away from retirement but we're taking the opportunity to taste the grey nomad life with short trips when the opportunity arises.     By the time we retire we should be ready to take to the open road (and know what we're doing!).   

Our 5 year old poodle, Marley, will be part of the team on many of our adventures.   This will often dictate where we stay.   

This blog is as much to record my thoughts on the places we visit for our future reference as it is to provide information (and perhaps amusement) for our family and friends.

We're definitely looking forward to exploring this beautiful country of ours for years to come.  

Stay tuned...

Annie :)

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